Public and Private: Where Art Lives

When Carol Becker, dean of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, came to Hamilton to present a public talk on the role of artists as public intellectuals, she couldn’t pick a more appropriate place to speak. Set in the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s art boutique, the Design Annex, this public lecture was filled to the brim, so much so that many had to stand to listen to Becker’s talk.

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More than a World Class Athlete

Being in the same room with an Olympian could send butterflies to your stomach. You’d expect cameras flashing repeatedly à la paparazzi and a red carpet readily rolled out to welcome sports star/McMaster alumnus Adam van Koeverden at McMaster’s 125th Anniversary Lunch. 

Except that there were none of those. Formal but laid back, Adam put a casual touch to this official luncheon. Wearing a dress shirt under a leather jacket, the four-time Olympic medalist in kayaking appeared relaxed and informal as he stood on stage to present his speech. In his lighthearted yet poignant speech, Adam drew on three recurring themes in his journey and growth as an athlete – and how they all tie back to “MAC”-Master: 

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Mac10 + Ladies Learning Code = National Learn to Code Day

Linh Tran remembers the first website she ever built.

The site was on musical themes developed when she was still in middle school in Russia. That was her first taste and attempt at coding.

A 2013 Commerce graduate from McMaster, Tran, 23, had a chance to revisit coding through the inaugural National Learn to Code Day, a full-day workshop introducing the basics of HTML and CSS.

More than 450 learners from nine cities took part in the workshop on Sept. 21.

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Unity (1918): Of Past, Future and the Connection in Between

1918 was a year of significance to many. It marked the end of World War I. Celebrations were the first in mind for those at the home front looking forward to a future of peace, contrasting with grim images of soldiers returning from the battlefield, scarred emotionally and physically from the war. But 1918 was not solely about the war for the town of Unity in Kevin Kerr’s Unity (1918). This Governor General’s Award winning play shifts the focus away from the Great War, to highlight the enormity of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, as felt by inhabitants of this small prairie town, west of Saskatoon. In fact, the impact of the flu should not be underestimated; CBC News reported at least 21 million deaths worldwide as a result from this pandemic.

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ISSOTL 2012: Where Teachers Become Students

When asked to comment about professors and their role in academic institutions, it is assumed that their main interest lies on research – and teaching takes the backseat. This belief is not purely anecdotal; it is also perpetuated in mainstream media, most recently through this Globe and Mail opinion piece by Margaret Wente.

Wente’s criticism of higher education and its proponents (i.e. professors) provoked a passionate outcry from the academic blogging

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