Supercrawl, a super way to get involved in Hamilton

This article was originally published in CBC Hamilton, Aug. 12, 2012

Supercrawl is going to be big this year.

But organizers need your help.

With more than 60 vendors promoting art and music, there is much to see at this year’s Supercrawl.

And there are also many ways to get involved by volunteering for the two-day event.

Take that from Penny Dobson, who is volunteering as volunteer coordinator for Supercrawl.

Dobson explained that Supercrawl would like to give people roles that they are interested in doing.

“It’s hard to get involved in the music industry,” said Dobson. But she believes that Supercrawl allows people interested in art and music to feel connected with the music and art scene in Hamilton and James Street North.

Art enthusiasts could share their love for art as an art exhibit attendant, by explaining the art pieces being showcased to the public.

Music lovers will be able to work behind the scenes, as they assist with setting up equipment on the stage for artists.

Not into music or art but prefer something more physical? You could volunteer as a runner, delivering messages and items to different stations during the event.

Even if you can’t attend the event itself, you could still help out by delivering flyers to neighbourhoods and spreading the word about Supercrawl.

There are 70+ people who have signed up to volunteer, including 30 students, mainly from Mohawk College. Since the event depends on volunteers to run effectively, Supercrawl will need approximately 200+ volunteers this year, explained Dobson.

To apply as a volunteer, visit Supercrawl’s website: or contact Penny Dobson at