Hamilton Fringe: ‘There is something that appeals to everyone’

This article was originally published in CBC Hamilton, Jul. 22, 2012

Rebecca Street was abuzz Friday night as the Hamilton Fringe Festival launched its 2012 run.

Standing on the street out front of the Citadel Theatre, veteran volunteer Chris Shaver said the festival has a lot to offer.

“You have plays, musicals, things that you would never expect to see and things that you wouldn’t normally see in a regular theatre,” said Shaver, who is directing his first play after six years of behind the scenes work.

“There’s something that appeals to everyone.”

Fringe is described as vibrant, surprising, cutting-edge theatre.

The Fringe is an 11-day, unjuried festival in venues around the core of Hamilton. This is its ninth season.

Performers are excited to showcase their work.

“We want to share our passion for theatre. You can see it in their faces, when we are performing. People really love it. I think it brings people closer together,” said Carissa Bowerman, cast member of “The Girl in the Window,” who was there to watch fellow actor, Allison Warwick in  the play “Drafts.”

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