Planet Toronto Timelapse Showcases the Best of the City

Documentaries like BBC’s Planet Earth give you an overview of mother nature in its visual splendour. Ryan Emond’s Planet Toronto is just as magnificent, with a bird’s eye view of Toronto, Ontario and an insight into the daily lives of Torontonians in this timelapse video. At the crack of the dawn, the city is slowly unveiled and you travel quickly on the streets, soaring up in the clear skies, to see the best of Toronto in its day to day life.

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Re-imagining Higher Ed in Canada: A National Discussion

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper recently ran a special series on the current state of post-secondary education in Canada. With hopes to transform the structure of Canadian post-secondary education, the series paints a vivid picture of the challenges and opportunities that are in store for Canadian universities and colleges. At the same time, it is mindful of this potentially lethal combination: increased student enrollment, number of years and money spent in school and tuition.

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Campus-Community Collaboration: Connecting at a Grassroots Level

Canadian universities are beginning to notice the value of developing relationships with local communities. At its core, the goal of community engagement is neatly summarized in simple terms: to nurture and create a “smarter and more caring” Canada. In an attempt to connect its students to local organizations and communities in Hamilton, Ontario, my alma mater McMaster University has been connecting students with local organizations and charities through Mac Serve Day of Service.

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